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6 recommendations to build a home yoga practice

25 Jul 2018
by Aimée Kuntz

An advantage of a yoga home practice is that you can always do it, at the time it suits you best. I personally also like it because I can take extra time to investigate and tune in to certain yoga postures.


However, the most common reason why many yogi(ni)s find it difficult to build a home yoga practice is because it requires more discipline. In this yoga blog I share six recommendations that can help you in creating the habit of a home yoga practice.


Habit 1: Choose a fixed moment

If you choose a fixed moment for your yoga practice, you will need less willpower and give priority to your yoga practice. Because you create a habit that works for you, it will requires less willpower. As a result, you won’t discuss with yourself all the time whether or not you are going to practice, which feels like you need less discipline. Also, it allows you to schedule your appointments around your yoga practice instead of using the left-overs in your time consuming schedule. The latter (time available randomly) happens rarely in reality, because we are very good to (let) use all available space a.s.a.p.


Habit 2: Start your day with your yoga practice

Traditionally, yoga is practiced in the morning. Because of this you benefit the whole day of your good start of the day. Moreover, in the morning will power is at its maximum and will decreases during the day. By doing your yoga practice in the morning, you use this willpower for something that gives you the energy for the rest of your life. And the chance is much bigger that you actually will see your yoga mat.


Habit 3: Put your phone on airplane mode

A little while ago, I got the recommendation to put my phone already on airplane mode the night before. And only switching it back after finishing my yoga practice. And I can definitely say: it works! My experience is that I have much less distraction in this way. In addition, I no longer procrastinate my practice (I am very good at procrastinating otherwise). It is also very nice that my yoga practice now supports the character of sadhana (spiritual practice) much more. And finally it helps me to keep ownership over my schedule (instead of being thrown around by others).


Habit 4: Use an online yoga class platform

Although I love to set my own pace and really enjoy the silence in my yoga practice, it also requires more discipline. To concur that, the use an online yoga platform has helped me to keep up my home yoga practice. Meanwhile, there are already many quality (and yet very affordable) yoga class platforms, such as Omstars, YogaVibes, AloMoves en the Dutch The House of Yoga. Some of them offer not only online yoga classes, but also yoga posture tutorials and videos about yoga sutra and other yoga philosophy. Which is a great opportunity to deepen your yoga practice as well.


Habit 5: Keep going to your yoga school/teacher

Even though practice and devotion are important for your yoga practice, which you also create in your yoga home practice, the teacher-student relationship is another very valuable asset in yoga. Your yoga teacher can give you corrections, which reduce the chance of injuries and help to become aware of your blind spots in your yoga practice quicker. Also, you have there the possibility to ask questions. Your yoga teacher can give you recommendations that are tailored to you personally (which is super valuable!). If you then integrate those learnings in your yoga home practice, your home yoga practice can bring you so much more. And being in the supporting community of your yoga school is a nice side benefit.


Habit 6: Doing yoga outside is also an option

Do you have the idea that you have to choose between going outside or practicing yoga? Then you can solve this dilemma by doing your yoga practice outside. Especially in summer this can be nice. And you can do this also for only a part of your yoga practice. For example, I regularly do my breathing exercises and meditation outside, even if I did my asana (yoga postures) practice inside.


Enjoy your Habits© today with love and light!  

Aimée Kuntz




Aimée of YogaHabits is wearing the K-DEER Izzy Stripe leggings and Onzie Elevate Bra in Black.



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