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Born to be AWESOME not PERFECT

19 Jun 2015
by Bettine Meijer

I believe we all have our own unique and special talent. The one talent that, when we choose to pursue it, makes us stand out from the crowd. And lets us shine from the inside out. It doesn’t mean that we cannot have other talents or be good at various other things. It also doesn’t mean we must be perfect on our path of pursuing this talent, this passion.


Born to be AWESOME not PERFECT

I have experienced first hand what it feels like to allow yourself to follow your unique talent, your passion, that what in your heart, you know is what you were always meant to do. Even if you didn’t know what it would look like.

My passion is helping people find their way, their true self, their own unique talent and helping them find the courage to pursue it.

Because when I found my way, I found myself. It has been (and still is) an interesting ride, one that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

I did exactly what I thought was expected of me for the first 25 years of my life. In high school and at university I was a straight A student, did well in sports, had tons of beautiful friends (I still have those ;-)), got scholarships to highly recommended universities abroad, etc.

One thing led to another and without really even considering anything different I landed my first job as an IP lawyer at an International law firm at age 22. I continued to do well because I thrived on (I now know) external validation and did exactly what I believed both family and friends expected of me.

A little over three years down the road the tiny little voice that had really been there all along wasn’t so tiny anymore and was consistently screaming in my head for some sort of change to happen. I didn’t listen. I was physically sick every few months but continued to work (and party to blow off steam) harder than ever and continued to ignore the now loudly screaming voice that said something had to give.

Eventually my body made the choice for me. It just stopped functioning. This breakdown turned out to be my wake-up call and I still treasure it every day. Why treasure a complete and utter breakdown?

Well, I think it was the only thing that could have ever got me thinking about what I really wanted out of life, what my passion was, where I wanted to go. It made me get off the roller-coaster ride I had been on for all these years, stop and consciously decide my direction. This, I guess obviously, did not happen over night. It took a fair amount of yoga, therapy and talking with those who really cared to let go of the most crippling conviction I had carried with me for as long as I could remember: That I had to be perfect in order to be worthwhile, in order to be loved, in order to be good enough. Nonetheless quicker than I would have imagined in hindsight and because I was lucky to search out and find good people to help me, I felt that I was on the right track.

It has been 10 years since I found my courage. 10 years since I realized and accepted that being perfect isn’t everything and striving for perfection is a very empty goal to have in life.

I have been living my passion ever since, teaching yoga, providing a space for people to practice, helping people on their way. YogaHabits is another beautiful extension of this passion. With YogaHabits we strive to provide structure, balance and inspiration by helping you create Habits© that support you on your way to a life (even more full) of passion. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do every day. And I couldn’t be more honored and humbled by the trust I have received along the way and by the trust we have already received on the road to this new endeavor called YogaHabits.

I don’t think anyone was born to be perfect, I believe we are all born to be awesome.






About Bettine Meijer

Bettine Meijer is a Yoga Therapist. In addition, Bettine is a yoga teacher in various yoga styles, NLP Trainer, and holistic masseur. She also ran her own yoga studio for 10 years.  

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