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Energy, dharma & yoga habits of Patty Jongemaets

29 Oct 2018
by Aimée Kuntz & Patty Jongemaets

From burn-out and ME to full-time yoga teacher, child counselor, Reconnective healing practioner and owner of Dolfijn Wellness. That is the journey that the lovely and now super energetic Patty Jongemaets has made with the use of yoga. Read in this column about her dharma and yoga habits.

And maybe you also remember Patty from the interview I did with her last spring about how courage is integrated into yoga.


About Patty and virtue yoga

Patty developed Virtue Yoga. Once (upon a time) she healed from a burn-out and the resulting ME with the help of yoga. Now it is her passion to inspire as many adults and children as possible with yoga to achieve their dreams and goals.


Patty is full-time yoga teacher, child counselor, Reconnective healing practitioner and owner of Dolfijn Wellness. With her years of experience in education, Patty teaches yoga classes, coaches and provides yoga and coaching teacher trainings. She has already trained more than 200 virtue yoga teachers and 800 kids yoga teachers. She wrote a number of books about Virtue Yoga and with her online training she likes to bring it even closer to the people.



How has your yoga practice changed your view on the subject ‘energy’?

First of all, I can feel energy much better; I can feel the flow of energy in my body.

Furthermore, yoga gives me more energy I have also discovered that I get more energy by consciously feeling in between the asanas. And through yoga, I feel a connection with the universal energy and things go more effortlessly.



What does the word dharma mean to you? And what is your dharma (as you understand it today)?

My dharma is helping people to find or refind the light within themselves. Helping people to live their potential.



Which elements form your yoga practice? And if that is more than practicing yoga postures, could you then tell us more about this?

My yoga practice consists of the combination of a purification ritual, meditation, asanas and then the camel ride, sun salutations and salamba sarvangasana.



To practice yoga daily, year in year out, asks for a lot of tapas (discipline). What has helped your to create this habit?

Teaching. Be honest and integer. And lead by example.



Would you like to tell something about a challenge that you faced (with regard to living your dharma)?

Like experiencing resistance or not yet making the impact you wanted to make. And what have you done to face this phase?

Very often, there are those little voices that say 'what do think you have to offer?'. Especially when new trainings start again. But it also happened with the creation of the online virtue yoga classes.

Then it is so nice when people react so enthusiastically about what the training gives them. It helps me to remind myself of those reactions. To look back to notice the positive changes for the participants.

Furthermore, it helps me to meditate. And again a 'knowing'; that it is good what I do and that it is very beautiful what I could pass on.



Which insight has impacted your yoga practice substantially? For example something from the yoga philosophy or a cue from a teacher?

That you practice yoga for someone else. When you dedicate your yoga practice to someone else, you just go for it. And it also really affects  the other person! So special!



Which (yoga) book do you recommend?

How yoga works (Michael Roach & Christie Macnally). Wonderful novel, but then you also understand how it comes that yoga affects so much.


How can we support you in your dharma? And how can we connect with you (website, social media, etc.)?

Ha ha. By coming to do the teacher trainings with me. The virtue yoga training has come to me in meditation and it gives so much!


Dolfijn Wellness:

Website: https://www.dolfijnwellness.nl/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dolfijnwellness                  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dolfijnwellness/


Yoga- and Coaching teacher trainings with Patty:



Kids yoga festival:



Online programs (Dutch)

Online program (free) ‘More love in your life’: https://www.dolfijnwellness.nl/gratis/meer-liefde-leven/

Online Course Vitue Yoga: Gratitude: https://soofos.nl/cursus/deugdenyoga-dankbaarheid/?ref=148



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