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Get more out of your yoga books

22 Mar 2020
by Aimée Kuntz

I enjoy diving into a good yoga book with a cup of herbal tea or golden milk. Hereby I combine relaxation & fun with self-study & reflection (swadhaya).


Unconsciously I always already apply things, which I learn from these books, in my life. However, since yoga consists for the most part of actual practice, I have taught myself various habits to get more out of my yoga books hobby. In the YogaHabits blog you can already find several blog posts with book recommendations. Now I also share Habits© tips to get more out of these books.

Of course you can also apply these tips to the information and habits you find in other YogaHabits blog posts.


Habits©: get more out of your yoga books

Underline & write in a notebook

Underline relevant lines. For example to reflect on further. Or the insights that you would like to apply more in your daily activities. By writing these phrases down in an inspiring notebook, it will stick even better and you can easily read these parts again.



Reflect on the latest chapter you have read. Preferable before you start the next chapter. For example by:

  • Meditation on the chapter.
  • Write in your journal about how it may apply to what is on your mind right now.
  • Think about the chapter while walking in nature. The combination of walking and nature can help to see new perspectives.


Formulate action points

Whichever reflection method you use, formulate action points for which you can take responsibility yourself. The more we learn, the more tempting it is to think about what someone else should change. However, this does not help either you or the other person. Therefore, based on the outcome of your reflections, formulate which of your own habits you want to change.


Track the progress of creating your new habit

Usually, habits don’t just change overnight. For most people, it takes about two to three months to install a new habit. By keeping track of the actions (associated with your new habit) in the meantime, you keep your focus on creating the new habit.

For example, by writing down the days in a raster on a simple A4 and put a check mark every day you actually succeeded to act in accordance with the habit you like to create. Put the tracking sheet in a visible place so that you are reminded daily. It can be satisfying to see how many days on a row you already created a change in your behavior with a fun challenge. 


Prioritize new habit & switch your behavior 

For many people it is often easier to let go of an old habit by first focusing on creating a new more helpful habit. Two ways to tackle this are:

  1. Prioritize performing the actions associated with the new habit. As a result, there is already less time & space left for the old habit (which you want to let go).
  2. Each time you notice that you are acting according to the old habit, immediately switch your attention to an action that is part of your new habit. The awareness itself is already an important step. Every time you also turn it into a positive action creates your new habit & gives satisfaction.


Yoga book tips

Curious about which yoga books guest bloggers and I have recommended?

Then check out these blogs:

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I wish you lots of great yoga books and reflection moments!

Enjoy your habits today with love and light.



Aimée Kuntz


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