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14 Jun 2018
by Aimée Kuntz

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools I know to make you feel better. The first time you felt gratitude in your life probably happened spontaneously. By that I mean that it was not in advance focused on the result 'gratitude'. Logical, because it’s a state of being. In contrast to gratitude that depends on something (thankful for those beautiful yoga leggings ;-) etc.). But still…. Being thankful for something is also very valuable.


My experience, however, is that it helps to be consciously engaged in cultivating gratitude. In the form of a practical exercise. I myself learned this exercise when I was still in high school. In a period that was feeling challenging. But even now I still use it and it helps me to pick myself up again, to get up again, to try again. To be able to enjoy life, even though it is full of challenges.


The exercise itself is very simple to perform: every day appoint seven things that you are grateful for.




In the beginning, I found it hard to name seven things where I was grateful for. And regularly I still find it quite difficult to come up with totally new things, even though that is tripling the power of the exercise for sure. But still, with a bit of love and attention, succeeding to come up with seven things where you could be grateful for is usually easier than expected in advance. Of course, seeing a rainbow or beautiful sunset always work. But also think for example also about your strength that made you able to face those challenges.


Counting your blessing can be done both mentally or by writing them down (for example in a gratitude journal) or of course aloud. Do what feels best for you and makes it easier to keep up your practice.


With this practice, you will start deliberately looking and noticing more beautiful things and experiences. This is also a way to expand your awareness. Things that you didn’t notice that much at first will become magnified.


On the other hand, it will also change your perspective. With practice, it becomes increasingly easier to see also the positive side of situations. And this not only creates more gratitude as a state of being, but also creates more hope, dedication and perseverance; because you emphasize the value off your efforts.


Practicing gratitude also helps to increase your personal frequency. And if you raise your frequency enough, you will also automatically feel grateful spontaneously more often: gratitude as a state of being. Regardless of the situation you are in. On the way to more and more moments of bliss and happiness in your life. And let's face it, since life can be challenging, more of those moments are very welcome. At least, for me it’s helpful.


So... for which seven things/experiences are you grateful today?


Enjoy your Habits© today with love and light!

Aimée Kuntz




Aimée is wearing here a Super Light Capri and LaLa Top by LaLa Land Comfy Wearwith a Drapey V Back top by Onzie on top.


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