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Meditation habits

19 Jan 2018
by Aimée Kuntz

Would you like to meditate, but has it been difficult to create a daily meditation practice? Read about how you could create your new meditation habit in this yoga blog.


Benefits of creating a meditation practice

Besides that I love to practice yoga postures (asana), my meditation practice also has a valuable role in my life. Especially starting the day with a meditation has really helped me. I have noticed that because of my meditation practice, I am more relaxed, have more focus and can handle more during the day. But I also know from my own experience that it could be challenging to create a regular and steady meditation practice. However, just like with yoga postures, you just have to practice. And understanding how you could easier create a new habit, also helps.



Meditation routine

Everything is easier if it is a habit: a routine. Where you don’t have to make a decision about, to think about it, but just do it. Thereby, you prevent that tons of excuses will come up. You know… those supposedly legitimate reasons to postpone it a little bit further.


According to research, it takes 66 day to create a new habit, which is pretty long. So unfortunately, you will need some discipline during those 66 days. However, you could thereby choose for a smart approach. Like when you take a smaller step at the time, it becomes easier to succeed. With regard to meditation, it helps many people to start with just 5 minutes a day. And only adding more time if that feels like an easy thing to do. Hereby, you will create the habit of meditating with le resistance, starting to experience the benefits of your new habit, which both help you to expand your practice.


You can also set a minimum time, especially if you are gradually expanding the duration. For example, by still maintaining the daily minimum time of 5 minutes, but if you feel like it to stay meditating as long as you like. Hereby you put the habit to meditate first, so that you will achieve long-term results. And once something becomes a habit, it is so much easier.


Personally, I prefer to meditate in the morning, immediately after I wake up. With this I ensure that I benefit from it all day. Moreover, you have more willpower in the morning and it is therefore easier to use your discipline for the things that really help you. And if I meditated in the morning, there is also no chance anymore to postpone it for somewhere later on the day. Because with me postponement often results in not doing it anymore at all. However, I often find it wonderful to have an extra meditation in the evening, just before bedtime. But that is my bonus meditation.


Do you think you don’t have any time to meditate in the morning? I put my alarm earlier to still be able to meditate; the meditation gives me more energy than sleeping longer. Perhaps that works for you too.



Yoga postures -asana- as preparation of meditation -dhyana-

Did you know that the practice of yoga postures is meant as preparation for mediation? Asana even actually means ‘comfortable seat’ instead of yoga postures. By practicing yoga postures it becomes physically easier to sit in stillness and concentration. And because you get more and more headspace. If sitting meditation still feels like a too big step for you, you could also focus on practicing yoga postures at first. Focus thereby on how you could practice more and more as a moving meditation.



Follow your breath

The most important tool you have while meditating is your breath. By returning to your breath (because yes, as with everyone else your thoughts will wander off), you come back to your peace and focus. Thereby, you don’t have to change your breath, but just to observe it.



Mini Meditation

Are you looking for something easier to do which will help you to meditate in the long run? You could then also opt for a mini-meditation. Just by enjoying your breathing. And that is something you can apply any time and everywhere. Read more about this simple but effective meditation method inTHISyoga blog.



Meditation habits

  • Practice yoga postures (asana) regularly in preparation for your seated meditation.
  • Make your meditation moment part of your routine. For example in the morning or just before bedtime.
  • Take time to build up the length of the meditation. It is more helpful to meditate for 5 minutes each and every day than one hour only once a month. And once it becomes a habit, you don’t have to struggle anymore to meditate.
  • Each time your thoughts wander, focus on your breathing.
  • Enjoy your breathing as often as possible during the day. This also increases your awareness and feeling of happiness during the rest of your day. Actually, this is a mini meditation.


Enjoy your Habits© today with love and light!


Aimée Kuntz



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