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The power of the feminine yin energy

17 May 2018
by Amber Hanning

Every person has both male as female energy within them. The more these energies are in balance, the better you can function and the better you will feel. If this balance is disturbed, you feel less powered and grounded. And then you also have less confident. There is also a good chance that you always run into the same patterns again and again.


The male energy is the yang energy. Our society is mostly 'yang' oriented. It seems to be important in our society to be concerned with setting goals, wanting to move forward, to perform, 5-year plans, and so forth. In the course of time, women have become increasingly emancipated in this 'male society'. This brought very good developments with it, but what about the female energy?


The feminine, or also the yin energy, stands for: softness, flow, patience, surrender, feeling, love, empathy and 'being'. When this energy is out of balance, it can express itself in uncertainty, fear, false modesty, or 'not feeling feminine’.


The male, yang energy stands for decisiveness, focus, temperament, leadership, ratio and direction. When the male energy is out of balance, this manifests itself in for example 'wanting power', hardness and dominance. Nowadays women have more equal rights and the traditional relationship often looks different than in the past. Many women nowadays want to make good career, are less dependent and stand up for what they want. But wanting to perform (too much), to take the lead, to live from your ratio and to be decisive, can also come at the cost of your feminine energy.


Too much masculine energy also means that you may find it harder to hand over things, to let go of control, to show your vulnerability or to receive. But it can also have a negative impact on your relationship, work or friendships. Because you are less standing in your own power.


Especially during my yin yoga training I became aware how much I liked to let this soft side be there as well. And how it affects your sense of being a 'woman'.


And I learned:

  • That you are allowed to be vulnerable (you do not always have to act strong and hold it all together).
  • That you can share your experiences and feelings (and that you can thereby help others with this as well)
  • That you can ask for help (and don’t have to do it all alone)
  • That you are allowed to receive (you do not have to wave away compliments from a place of 'modesty')

And that this is all part of the feminine energy.


If you live by standing your own (feminine) strength, this also has a positive influence on your environment. Which not only does something wonderful for yourself, but also for others. Everything has a domino effect. And I believe that the world can use more feminine energy. In the end, inner peace, love and softness are the greatest powers, which we, as women, already have so beautifully! ;-)


Als jij leeft vanuit je eigen (vrouwelijke) kracht, heeft dit ook een positieve invloed op je omgeving. Waardoor je niet alleen jezelf een groot plezier doet, maar ook anderen. Alles werkt door als een domino-effect. Ik geloof dat de wereld meer vrouwelijke energie kan gebruiken. Uiteindelijk is innerlijke kalmte, liefde en zachtheid de grootste kracht die er is, die wij als vrouwen maar mooi bezitten! ;-)


How do you use and develop your feminine yin energy?

  • Dare to ask for help
  • Dare to receive
  • Create more moments of rest for more surrender and relaxation
  • Develop softness and allow vulnerability
  • Meditate to get in touch with your feelings and your intuition



Enjoy your YogaHabits© today!

Amber Hanning



About Amber Hanning

Amber know from her own experience what a big effect healthy lifestyle choices can have on your energy level. The effect of the tools she found is even that amazing, that she started to share these tools. To inspire others to challenge themselves and also take up these challenges. To grow both on a physical as mental level. Awareness of your body & mind and respecting your own boundaries as foundation. In her yoga and bodybalance classes. But also in workshops, lifecoaching and blogs, she like to let other experience successes, change automatic patterns. With enthusiasms while keeping it simple.

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Photo credits

Photo (of Amber Hanning) made by @fotostudiozandvoort.

Amber is wearing a YogaHabits legging by Noli Yoga. Check our current Noli Yoga collection HERE.



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29 Aug 2020
You make great points, I love practicing Yin Yoga for these very reasons.
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