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Where does the YogaHabits logo stand for?

11 Jan 2018
by Aimée Kuntz

YogaHabits was established for the modern yogi. Active, fresh, quality and effective. Read here about our logo to learn more about what YogaHabits stands for? Is this blog about yoga? Yes, it does. Because even though we realize that probably every company is happy with its own logo, it's all about the story behind it. And with YogaHabits that is of course yoga. By the way, our logo is designed by Mimi Sugarman from Mstudioos.



What is to been seen in the YogaHabits logo?

The YogaHabits logo is made in the form of a modern lotus flower. However, the petals of the lotus flower can also be recognized as drops of sweat (or even as tears). In the middle of this, you see a figure by the together coming lines of the leaves. This figure stands for the one who puts the energy into practicing yoga, or the yogi(ni): you.



Where is the YogaHabits logo standing for?

I hope that you have already experienced yourself that yoga can do a lot for you. Something that goes beyond more wellness and a healthy body (even though that is certainly a nice great benefit of yoga). As with many things, you have to give energy with yoga at first in order to receive more energy in return. And we recognize this work with the drops of sweat in our logo.


This process could also be explained from the modern lotus flower in our logo. Did you know that the seeds of a lotus flower are rooted in a swamp base? That the beautiful flower that grows from this (connected with a stem) has a special self-cleaning ability so that no mud or water remains on the flower? Also in yoga we use our mud as food: the difficulties and personal challenges in our lives. We use this contrast to transform ourselves. And even though the core of us remains the same, we can become an ever better version of ourselves. Personally, I always like the following expression: "hands in the dirt, head in the clouds".


Precisely because we work with our contrast and our challenges in our yoga practice, we choose a font for the letters that seems to be stamped. Because even though you are work-in-progress to your best possible self, you are already awesome right now. Even when you are not aware of that because of challenges in your life.


And at YogaHabits, we would like to help you with this transformational process. Therefore we also like to offer as many tools as possible that we found helpful in our own experience; just choose to work with those that feel good to you. Whether that is super beautiful yoga clothing, that is making you practice on your yoga mat more often and/or helps you to concentrate better on your yoga class, whether with great yoga lifestyle tool for off-the-mat. With all those yoga tools, you yourself (like the figure in our logo) are central to our focus. Accessible, concrete, fresh and with quality is the way we would like to create that.


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