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Dailygreatness Yoga™ is designed especially for the modern yogi and brings together all aspects of the body, mind and soul for an inspiring daily yoga practice. Undated, so you can start anytime. Read more
Dailygreatness Yoga Yearly

My experience with Dailygreatness

My Yoga Dailygreatness journal has helped me (Aimée, owner & founder YogaHabits) personally a lot to build my yoga home practice. It helps to create focus to actually do it. Yoga after all for 99% about practicing... not just theorie or thinking about it.

Side bonus: it also helped me with my gratitude practice and to spend more time on creative projects. After tremendous time of testing, I couldn't wait any longer to finally add these amazing journals to the online YogaHabits store.


What to expect from Dailygreatness journals?

The Dailygreatness concept will empower you to: 

  • create a compelling vision for your life
  • set exciting goals
  • follow up on your goals
  • change disempowering habits to empowering ones
  • find and follow your purpose and mission in life
  • take massive action towards your dreams
  • focus on the positive
  • acknowledge your strengths
  • overcome your weaknesses
  • challenge your fears
  • and simply be happier
More than anything else, our outcomes and results in life are determined by our daily habits. When you have a productive, daily routine and a foundation for success, you are more likely to succeed at achieving your goals and reaching your potential.
Bad habits = bad results
Good habits = good results
Fantastic habits = fantastic results
The Dailygreatness concept will move you from wishing to achieving and from dreaming about it to doing something about it and that’s the “magical” shift. Is that also what you’ve been looking for?

Are they mindful?

Yes, these are conscious and mindful planners! The last thing I need more it to be more controlling or trying to push myself further from extrinsic motivation. Done that, seen the result, don't like it. 

The yoga journals help to have less clutter in your mind. To actually focus on the things that are worthwhile. And to actually change your habits. Once you have truly changed a habit, it goes automatically. So you get more mind space, one habit at the time.

What I also really liked was making my conscious life blueprint in this journal. Because you need to have a holistic approach to actually create more balance.


Creator and author of Dailygreatness journals

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is the creator and author of the Dailygreatness journals. Curious about what was motivating her? It was all about creating "applied knowledge".

After reading all the books, having been to all the seminars, listened to all the DVD's and followed all the gurus, she realised (after hitting a major crisis in her life) that something was seriously missing: applied knowledge.

Lyndelle's goal: creating products that help you to be your own guru. No more wishful thinking, no more reaching for the next self-help book, just a commitment to being your own guru, following your inspiration and living the life of your dreams.