Toxic free soy candles

Organic toxic free soy wax candles with 100% high quality natural essential oils. Yoga lifestyle candles whereby both your longs and senses can enjoy.

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Toxic free soy candles

During your yoga class you learn to improve your breathing, which is not only calming the nerveous system, but is also good for your lungs. Taking care of your lungs is also possible outside your yoga class. Also when you like to lit a candle to create a cozy atmosphere of candles with a relaxing fragrance.

Unfortunately, the normal paraffin candles are not so good for the lungs. When burning these 'normal' candles, it will realse smoke, soot as well as harmful substances like benzene. On the other hand, soy wax candles are made of soybeans and is free of chemicals and is completely biodegradable. And there is almost no soot with soy candles.

The organic Candelicious candles are 100% natural and non-toxic, GMO-free, biodegradable and made from sustainable renewable sources. These soy candles come in different scents, wherefore only the highest quality fragrances and essential oils are used. All candles are hand made in Antibes (Côte d'Azur France).