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Washing Instructions
What is the best way to wash my yoga apparel?
Quality needs taking care of!

YogaHabits offers exclusive yoga/work-out wear made from high quality, sustainable fabrics. To ensure that your yoga/work-out wear lasts you a long time and retains its shape and color, it is important to treat it right. Hereby our recommendations:

* Add some colorless natural vinegar to your wash (in addition to your regular detergent). This will help to make the colors attach better to the fabric (so already add some vinegar when washing your yoga outfit for the first time!), to make the colors last longer and helps avoid unpleasant odor. When you use the washing machine, you can put the vinegar in the compartment for fabric softeners. By the way, the smell of the vinegar evaporates with drying.

* Rinse your outfit right after your yoga class or work out (with just water, easy to do when you take a shower after class) and wash it by hand the same day. 

* Of course you can wash these yoga/work-out clothes in the washing machine too. For most washing machines, there is an extra short program on your washer (around 20 minutes) or a handwash program available, which is closest to an "actual" hand wash. Be sure to wash at a low temperature (preferable cold if possible) and a gentle (or no) cycle, with similar colors and separate from towels. You can use a special laundry bag to protect the fabric in the washing machine. You could put the vinegar in the compartment for fabric softeners. 

* Always hang your outfit on your laundry rack/line to dry (do not put it in the dryer).
Fitting Yoga Apparel
How do I know what size I should order?

At YogaHabitsm, we find it important that you will be happy with your order and that your yoga outfit fits perfectly. And we know that can be challenging since most of our brands come from outside the Netherlands and use a different kind of sizing than you are maybe used to. Therefore we made it easier for you by noting with each size how the fitting is in comparison to Dutch sizes in the button where you select the size you would like to order.


Furthermore, we have an extensive size guide on our website if you like more information. Like for example how the sizes relate to measures (like waist or hips in cm). Click HEREfor this size guide.


Since the label size is often an international size and doesn't represent the Dutch sizing manners, we recommend to attach not so much to the size indicated on the label. Instead, use the size guide to convert your Dutch size to the brand size to choose the best fit for your body type.

If you still in doubt between two sizes, you can always ask us for advice at 023 205 2021 or [email protected]. Moreover, you can always exchange (or return) a product if it does not fit you perfectly. Exchanges are also possible for other products/prints/sizes that are available in our YogaHabits webshop (additional payment or refunds applicable in case of price differences). Click here for more information on exchange and return.

Why do you recommend a different size than most of my 'normal' clothing?

We import our YogaHabits yoga wear collection from different parts of the world. Since different countries have different scales for clothing sizes, the label sizes are usually not comparable with the sizes used in the Netherlands. For example, sizes of the Unites States differ for example from the scale used in the UK, and the Netherlands uses again other standards. Furthermore, there can also be some difference between brands.

In addition, many brands offer different types of designs, each with their own fitting. After all, each person is different and different designs make different body types look great. This is even more applicable to yoga sports bras, where both bandsize and cup size have to work together to provide optimal support and an elegant fit.

Based on years of experience we provide a size guide with each item in our yoga wear collection, so that you can find your ultimate yoga outfit! The size guide is included in the detailed description in the 'Information' section below each product. Since the size on the label does not say anything about Dutch sizes, we advise you to choose the size that suits your body best in accordance to this size guide, so that your outfit will fit look and you can concentrate on your yoga class while looking great.

Does the yoga apparel see through?

No, our yoga apparel is opaque and doesn't show through.

At YogaHabits we only offer high-quality yoga clothing. The fabrics used are specially designed to handle intensive (hot) yoga classes with ease. However, if your favorite yoga style is hot yoga, we recommend not wearing underwear under yoga clothing, just as you don't underneath a bikini. (In other yoga styles you can of course still wear your underwear). This is because if you sweat a lot, the difference in material may become visible. Moreover, these materials feel like a second skin, which makes it even more comfortable to wear them directly on the skin. And you will notice that when your yoga leggings, shorts, top or capris become wet with sweat, they fit even better (and you actually no longer feel them at all while still remaining opaque).

When you try it on, do you have the feeling that the yoga clothing is see-through? That is an indication that you need to size up. Each brand may fit slightly differently, so be sure to check the size chart that you can always find in the extensive product information.

Interest in Product (Sold Out / Other Product / Other Brand)
I'm interested in an item that is currently sold out. Can I still order this product through YogaHabits?

Yes, if this product is still on order with our suppliers. 


YogaHabits only displays products in her webshop that are currently in stock. If products are in high demand, it could happen that the product has sold out online.


Our assortment is a combination of recurring items and seasonal designs. If you contact us, we love to check for you if your favorite design is still produced so that we could order it for you.


If you are interested in a product which is currently sold out in our webshop, please contact us via [email protected].  In your message please clearly specify what brand, model, color and size you are looking for. We will then check with our suppliers to see if we can still get you this product and give you and estimate on the costs and the delivery time. 


I'm interested in another product by one of the brands offered by YogaHabits. Is it possible to order this product through YogaHabits?

In most cases: Yes. If you are interested in another product by one of the current YogaHabits brands, please contact us via [email protected]. In your message please clearly specify which brand, model, color and size you are looking for. We will then check for you if it is possible to order this product from our suppliers, what the costs are and the estimated delivery time. If with this information you decide to order this product from us (order upon request), we will assume you will proceed to purchase this item from us.


I'm interested in a brand not yet offered by YogaHabits. Does YogaHabits plan to add this brand to her collection?
Who knows! We love to hear what you are missing in our collection, so we can accommodate you even better in the future. If we do not yet offer your favorite yoga or lifestyle brand, please let us know via [email protected]. In your message please clearly specify what brand (and which product of this brand) you love, so we get and idea of your interests. If we also think this brand/product should be part of the YogaHabits collection you may find your product at YogaHabits sooner than you expected! 
Place order
How do I place an order?
  • Add one or more products to your shopping bag. Click on "Add to cart".
  • You’ll now see an overview of the shopping bag products. Would you like to pay? Click on "proceed to checkout".
  • You will fill in your personal data and the concerning address.
  • Thereafter you’ll get to see the possible shipment costs. Subsequently you will choose the payment method.
  • Eventually you will verify the order, checkmark the box "By clicking "Buy" I acknowledge that I have an obligation to pay for this item and agree with the general terms & conditions" and choose "Buy".
  • After the order has been placed you will receive a confirmation of the order. We will also keep you posted about (shipping of) the order status by e-mail.


If you have any questions after reading the above mentioned you can contact us via our contactform, per email ([email protected]) and by phone (+31 23 205 2021).


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can.

YogaHabits has a cancelation period of 30 days. For more information and conditions click HERE.


Can I exchange ordered products?

Yes, you can.

YogaHabits has a cancelation period of 30 days, wherein you may also exchange the ordered products. Exchanges are also posiible for other products in our assortment (so not only for another size). For more information and conditions click HERE.

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