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With Private Yoga Classes you receive personal attention in a comfortable environment. The private yoga class is more than just a moment for yourself. Tailored to your wishes and/or yoga therapeutic goals. With true attention for you.

I am your "personal trainer" during your yoga sessions; with a holistic approach that uses both classical yoga and the latest scientific insights. Depending on your wishes, we can work with yoga postures, pranayama, prana nidra, mantra, meditation, Ayurveda or creating changes in your lifestyle.

Are you looking for private yoga lessons in Haarlem, Bloemendaal, Aerdenhout, Overveen or Santpoort? Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss the options or make an appointment. It is also possible to first schedule an informal introduction. This is free, takes place online and takes about 20 minutes.


Why private lessons

Private lessons are perfect for you if you feel hesitating to take yoga group lessons. And of course if you would like to tailor the yoga class specifically to you, so that the yoga class can do much more for you. So it can also be the perfect next step. In addition to all the attention, your private lesson will be organized in such a way that we can work on what helps you most. Private lessons are also a very good solution if you would like to take yoga lessons, but you often let something get in the way: it is so much easier to get started if I am standing in front of your door for your personal yoga lessons.

Did you know that traditionally, yoga classes were always taught one-on-one? Everyone is unique. Besides the fact that different approaches to yoga poses are necessary for different people, your breathing is also unique. Just like the circumstances in your life and the factors in your health. Here we can both get acquainted with Ayurveda and Western medicine. A one-on-one private lesson will improve your well-being with tailor-made solutions.


Benefits of private lessons (yoga or yoga therapy):

  1. Threshold-reducing. There is no comparison with other people and you can work on your yoga practice from where you are now. In order to make you feel relaxed and at the right pace. 
  2. Flexible. By planning your sessions at times when it works best for you. The location is also flexible: at your place (or mine). If the weather is nice, you also have the option of doing the yoga session outside.
  3. Customization. The lessons are designed in such a way that they help you with your goals, whether physical or mental.
  4. Personal attention & guidance. Because I can keep my attention entirely on you, we really create a moment for you. This also means there is much more opportunity for other aspects of yoga (which is often not suitable in group classes). Of course there is also the possibility to ask your questions.
  5. The next step. Private lessons are also the perfect next step to further develop yourself. This also creates more balance in your yoga practice and makes your routines more helpful.
  6. Develop your own practice. By working on a personal practice and learning step-by-step which factors are important for putting together your own practice, you will develop your own practice and know how to further develop it (if this is something you are looking for).
  7. Develop a stronger yoga and meditation practice. Both in terms of techniques, learning what you feel and building strong routines.
  8. Learn about other aspects of yoga, besides the yoga postures (asana). Whether your interest is for yoga postures, pranayama, prana nidra, mantra, meditation, Ayurveda, the yoga sutra or changes in your lifestyle, it is all possible.
  9. Address specific health concerns or personal goals. Integrate yoga therapeutic goals into your yoga practice so that your well-being is even more supported by your time on the yoga mat.


Type of yoga classes

The yoga session is designed according to your wishes. This can also be a mix of different styles and/or elements.

From a gentle hatha yoga class to an intensive vinyasa yoga class. With or without additional elements such as pranayama, mediation, mindfulness and/or prana nidra. We always take the factors in your life and mind-body into account, so I will adjust the composition of the lessons to your circumstances in a natural way.

See also HERE all the teacher trainings I followed to gain more insight into the possibilities for your favorite private yoga sessions.


Free Introduction

Get in touch without obligation to find out what a private yoga class, yoga therapy or a meditation class can do for you. We can get to know each other in advance in advance and discuss your wishes for private yoga sessions. There is also room for questions. This introduction is free, takes place online and takes approximately 20 minutes.


Private yoga classes, yoga therapy or meditation lessons 

Single private yoga class or yoga therapy: €75.00

5 sessions: €362.50 (€72.50 per session)

10 sessions: €700.00 (€70.00 per session)


The above rates are for 1-hour yoga classes and yoga therapy session. If you are interested in longer yoga classes, that is of course also possible. Please contact me for an adjusted price for the desired lesson length.


Ready to start?

Are you looking for private yoga lessons in Haarlem, Bloemendaal, Aerdenhout, Overveen or Santpoort? Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss the options or make an appointment.

It is also possible to first schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting. This is free, takes place online via zoom or whatsapp and takes about 20 minutes.


Gift cards

A private lesson for yoga, yoga therapy or meditation is a nice gift to give and even more to receive. Send me a message at [email protected]  so that I can create a digital gift card for you. Of course, there is also space for a small personal message on the gift card (which you can pass on to me to put on the gift voucher).


Corporate yoga

Would you like to offer wonderful yoga classes at your office in Haarlem or in the surrounding area? That's also possible!

Yoga in the office helps with stress, back problems and overall health. Perfect to support employees to function well in a pleasant way.

Contact [email protected] for the possibilities. I'd love to hear what you're looking for.


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