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From always feeling tired to energetic, radiant and feeling good about myself

Nowadays it is almost seen as normal to be tired all the time. I've experienced that too and I didn't;t like it at all to always feeling tired to a some extent. And that for more than ten years!

The doctors could not help me either - after countless examinations they only found that I had already had pfeiffer - and finally confided to me that unfortunately it is something they see a lot in young women. As if it is normal to be tired for high achievers (or by being good at your job) to feel tired. What was actually going on is that the cause of this type of fatigue lies outside the domain of doctors.

Alternative healthcare did help to “function”; first during my studies at university and then at work (as Project Manager Business Development). But feeling really energetic? That didn't seem within my reach.

Looking back, it is interesting that the change started to take place at the very moment when I was almost in a burnout. At a time when I didn't want to add anything to my schedule at all, what I even wanted more was to just feel better... a reset. Through yoga the ball started rolling. However, I soon felt that I wanted more. That I really didn't want to go back to how I felt before. I wanted a transformation!

Step by step I tried more and more (in addition to a consistent yoga practice). Ultimately, I found the actual working combination of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, adjustments in my lifestyle & habits, supported by spirit & soul coaching. Working on mind, body & soul. Both on and off the yoga mat. Though, in a way where I could still live my life.

In fact, my life became more and more alive, I learned to create energy instead of using it.

I move (literally and figuratively) with flow, feel good about myself and feel energetic. The structure comes from undivided attention and gives me the opportunity to be soft & strong at the same time. To connect with my intuition and experience happiness in life.

Nowadays, when I meet someone I haven't seen in a while and they ask me how I am doing, they often answer for me that I am apparently doing well due to the radiant look.


Putting time and energy in getting energized isn't easy at first

Even when I found yoga, my path wasn't always smooth. It is easy to fall for the perfect pictures that are promoted; although they rarely appear to actually work in the long term. And then we haven't even talked about how difficult it is to put energy into something when you're already so tired.

It is important that you do not let yourself be overwhelmed by one hype after another, but work from a sound system. I also had help with that (and still do). Because besides the fact that I am naturally super curious about everything about yoga, Ayurveda and personal growth, I also believe that as a yogi you should continuously nourish, reflect and develop yourself.


Your energy grows just as fast as you start to understand your energy and the underlying principles how to change it.


A quick learning curve

The great thing is that through the mistakes I made and the successes I later achieved, I can teach you a lot. By protecting you from making the same mistakes, but also using my knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction. Plus I can give you that little extra to push you to do those things that you would otherwise be inclined to postpone, but that really make a difference to your energy.

Through my many years of experience with yoga - I have been on the yoga mat every single day since 2012 -, Ayurveda, meditation, building helpful habits and spirit & soul coaching, combined with expertise from the many training courses I have completed (click HERE to view which courses ), I can help you in a way that works.

I teach you the principles, so that you learn to recognize how to adapt your behavior  to the seasons, your cycle and your circumstances. How to use your feminine energy to create effortlessly. So that your energy also starts to radiate visibly.


Habits and long-term progress

My interest in habits and how you can make them work for you started a long time ago during my university studies in Law & Economics. I have learned to use these insights, combined with Ayurveda and Spirit & Soul coaching, to overcome my internal saboteur and also make progress on the days when things are not going as I would like.

To really make progress with yoga on your energy level you need someone who has both the expertise and long-term experience in the cause and effect of the different yoga tools.



What you need to know about me

While spirituality plays a major role in my life, I clearly come from North Holland with my direct communication and pragmatic approach. Intertwined in compassion and countless possibilities in my yoga toolbox to find a way that works for you. At the same time, these yoga tools only work if you start using them. And no one can do that other than you. But I will help you with how to achieve that. This goes beyond just knowledge and skills. Because I also help you with mental blockages and your mindset.

My passion for helping you create an energetic and happy life by working from feminine energy is done by bringing you into contact with the wisdom that is already within you and learning to feel it.


What others say about me:

“Sees straight to the heart of the subject in the conversation.”


“Aimée is an active listener who practices empathy and compassion. She is knowledgeable of Ayurvedic nutritional health. Gives great advice without judgement.”


“Aimée is a good listener, attuned to others and extremely knowledgeable. Clear understanding and ability to provide your own thoughts, advice and opinions when asked. She has the ability to easily connect and understand others.”


“Intuitive and welcoming. She creates a very safe place.”





I teach self-conscious women how to create energy beyond what you think is possible with an unique combination of yoga therapy, Ayurveda and Spirit & Soul coaching. For a happy energetic life fulfilled with inner peace.
Because that limiting fatigue is really something that can be solved and is not something you have to learn to live with.