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Have you been tired for a while?

Did you initially think that the tiredness would disappear with time? Or have you been told that it often happens among highly educated women? Perhaps, just like with me, all kinds of blood tests have been done to rule out a medical cause. And you have already tried many things, but although some things do help, you don't really seem to get rid of that fatigue.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine which is worse. That fear when the tiredness gets worse. The fear that it heralds another period in which all the effort feels like too much. Or the feeling that you can't seem to find where you really belong. While others praise you for your work and abilities, being truly happy should feel different. You feel that you want something different, but you don't know how to get there. That's already frustrating in itself, since you are so good at figuring things out and getting them done.

You hoped that things would get better when you finished your studies and then after you were no longer a starter at your job. Even though you have experienced tremendous personal growth, that feeling of being tired does not go away. And that indefinable off-feeling even increases over time.

With (occasional) yoga, a detox or not eating sugar, you get to keep yourself together to be able to "function". What others do not understand though, is that you always fluctuate between different degrees of feeling tired, but that the tiredness never is gone. That coffee is a source to wake up and chocolate to keep going (instead of just because you enjoy the taste).

With Private Yoga Classes you receive personal attention in a comfortable environment. The private yoga class is more than just a moment for yourself. Tailored to your wishes and/or yoga therapeutic goals. With true attention for you.


What do you choose?

Over Aimée Kuntz yoga

The difficult thing is that things won't get better over time by itself. And if you don't do anything about it, it will also affect your resilience. The situation then becomes worse and reducing hope also affects your relationships, your mindset and the confidence you have in life. Not to mention the impact on your work, emotions, relationships, etc. when you go through another period in which you are extremely tired. Something you really want to avoid.

That if you don't really get started with a method that helps, a year from now you will still feel like you are fighting a losing battle. That the things that help you now only continue to help you to empty the bucket again and again, but do not prevent your bucket from filling up with fatigue again and again. That people who talk about living in flow sound like they are living in a fable or myth.

Fortunately, things can really be done differently! I have experienced that myself. It is really possible to become energetic, burst with energy and enjoy your life radiantly.


The solution

Do you want to get rid of that tiredness? And then really get rid of it? Not only less tired, but feeling totally energetic and that people starting to tell you that you are glowing?

To no longer need caffeine to wake up, no longer have a short fuse due to tiredness and no longer have to pre-sleep to be able to go-on with your day. To no longer having those tough periods?

And the vague indefinable feeling that there must be more to life than this? To no longer have the feeling that everything has to take so much energy? That a life that looks successful from the outside is not enough, but that you want to feel happy from the inside out?


Please don't give up! And learn to apply the principles of creating energy with what you do (instead of everything you do taking energy). So much that you wake up feeling fully energetic. How to do this while making an impact by just being yourself. In a life full of connection, love and feeling happy. So that you can live your life to the fullest.

And in the meantime, you learn how to apply the simple yet profound principles of yoga & Ayurveda in your life in a way that cannot be discussed in yoga classes at the local yoga school (or even a yoga teacher training)?


What would it be like if I would be helping you? To have so much more energy than you think is possible. And that's more than you think, for sure.

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This makes yoga therapy with Aimée somewhat different

✅ Unique combination of Yoga therapy, Ayurveda and Spirit & Soul coaching

✅ Specialized in teaching you how to create energy

✅ Makes changing habits easier

✅ In addition to extensive training, also an expert by experience: from always tired to energetic, radiant and feeling self-compassion and self-love

✅ Walk the talk: I have been on the yoga mat every day since 2012 and have overcome my chronic fatigue with my yoga lifestyle

✅ Guidance where direct communication is accompanied with lots of compassion

✅ Bonus: you get more in dept knowledge about yoga & Ayurveda while you become energetic


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“Aimée is an active listener who practices empathy and compassion. She is knowledgeable of Ayurvedic nutritional health. Gives great advice without judgement.”


“Aimée is a good listener, attuned to others and extremely knowledgeable. Clear understanding and ability to provide your own thoughts, advice and opinions when asked. She has the ability to easily connect and understand others.”