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Nowadays, many people feel constantly tired, suffer from anxiety attacks or depression, are on the verge of burnout, have a hormonal imbalance with all the associated complaints or suffer from other chronic illness. Underlying this means that one or more systems in our mind-body have become out of balance.

Through various tools from the yoga toolkit (such as yoga postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness, prana nidra, meditation and Ayurveda), we have quite a lot of influence on our nervous system, digestion, hormones and immune system. And also on the quality of our sleep, our morning & evening routines and balance during the day. Yoga therapy also goes very well together with other forms of (medical) treatments.

Yoga therapy is tailor-made where we put together an unique series for you aimed at specific therapeutic goals. It is aimed at the recovery of the balance in an integrated way. During our session we pay attention to making you able to also practice this series at home in between of our sessions. This means our sessions can have more effect for you and you could work on creating lasting results.


Yoga therapeutic objectives

Examples of yoga therapeutic goals we can work on are:

  • Getting rid of your fatigue
  • Improving your technique in the yoga postures that you regularly practice
  • Learn to better tailor the yoga postures to what would be best for your body
  • Learn to move with more ease
  • Sleep better
  • More peace at mind
  • Less pain in your back
  • Building a meditation practice in a way that is not overwhelming
  • Yoga as support for mental problems
  • Applying Ayurvedic principles in your yoga practice and in the rest of your day
  • More balance in your life overall

What is the difference between yoga classes and yoga therapy?

Due to my background, the yoga classes are naturally therapeutic and healing in nature. However, there are differences. In a yoga therapy session we focus more and more directly on the goals you want to work on. There is more room for questions and finding out which tools can best help you. Yoga therapy is therefore even more focused on what you need most as an individual. And then to teach you to integrate this into your life. We will then take the feedback of how this goes into the next session, to build helpful yoga habits step by step. Also I will teach you a yoga sequence designed especially for you, that you will be able to practice on your own safely in between of our sessions.


Investment yoga therapy*

Single private yoga class or yoga therapy: €75.00

5 sessions: €362.50 (€72.50 per session)

10 sessions: €700.00 (€70.00 per session)


* Yoga therapy take about 1 hour per session.


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