Yoga Democracy Tops / Tanks

Yoga Democracy offers sustainable yoga (tank) tops. Think recycled fabrics free from toxins. Made in good work conditions. A production process that values the earth. Yoga clothing that looks awesome and feels great wearing it.

Yoga Democracy
Bamboo Organic Muscle Tee - Full Circle (XS)
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Sustainable yoga top made of bamboo and organic cotton with a moon cyclus print. Produced in good work conditions.
Yoga Democracy Tops / Tanks

Yoga Democracy was founded in 2015 to offer a sustainable active wear alternative. Virtually all their products are produced in house at the Yoga Democracy workshop located in Cave Creek, Arizona. Yoga Democracy aims to produce 95% of their products using recycled fibers. They aim for a low water impact in their production and supply chain. And Yoga Democracy is almost 100% vertically integrated from design to dyeing to sewing to order fulfillment; all carried out under one roof. This helps to keep their carbon footprint small and waste to a minimum. 


Made by free range people

What do we mean? Yoga Democracy pays their production team wages well above minimum wage with paid holiday and a bright, comfortable and safe working environment. 

Yoga Democracy thinks many people have become disconnected from the process of making clothing. Fast fashion has told us that since we can pay pennies for what we wear, the labor behind the product must be worth pennies as well.

Yoga Democracy is a company made up of the people who actually make your clothing. We don't think it's necessary to pay overseas labor 50 cents to $1 per hour and charge you premium prices. We’re committed to paying a fair wage and charging a fair price.


Sustainable fabrics that feel great wearing it

Yoga Democracy puts a lot of thought into where their fabric comes from and they also put a lot of thought into how it’s going to make everybody look and feel. Texture, shape retention and sweat wicking also play a big part in what they use.

Yoga Democracy thinks texture doesn’t get enough credit in sportswear. Just because we might sweat in it doesn’t mean we don’t want to feel great wearing it. Yoga Democracy chooses fabrics we want to touch and wear again and again.

Yoga Democracy is always on the look-out for fabrics that meet their high standards of sustainability and quality. Yoga Democracy thinks recycled fibers represent the best way to reduce the impact of textile production in the active wear space.


Safe for you and others

Working with quality suppliers has other perks, like fabric that's rated Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® meaning it's been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances. So when they thought how cute it would be to make a matching mommy and me children's range of leggings they had no hesitations. 

Yoga Democracy imports their fabric from Italy. They do it because it’s the best they have found in the recycled space. "We think eco is great but we think eco and just really good is even better".

This supplier is even by European standards is ahead of the game when it comes to wastewater treatment and green energy. By sourcing from somewhere with strict labor and health and safety standards already in place we can be sure people as well as the planet are not left short changed.