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The Spirit of Om Men Yoga Clothing

The Spirit of Om designs sustainable yoga clothing made of organic cotton and sustainable bamboo. Made in Europe in good work conditions.

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The Spirit of Om Men Yoga Clothing

The Spirit of Om designs, produces and sells natural organic textiles with absolute LOVE and CARE.

They use the highest quality materials for their production such as hand-picked, certified organic cotton (kbA certified organic growth), bamboo viscose and pure virgin wool. Thorough raw materials selection, environmentally friendly, sustainable and contaminant-free production processes as well as ethically and socially fair conditions are of highest priority for The Spirit of Om.



The special production methods are based on the principles of bioenergetics and Feng Shui and are implemented right from the beginning of the production process.

Motives such as “the flower of life“ or affirmations also have a positive energetic effect. The colours are worked out according to the Ayurvedic typology. Therefore they suit almost everyone.


Production The Spirit of Om

The heart of The Spirit of Om is located in the South of Germany, in the beautiful Allgäu region. In their headquarters, they direct the product designs, the technological development, the production management as well as sales and shipping of their products.

The production of their textiles is mainly located in South Europe in the Aegean (Greece and Turkey), where also their hand-picked organic cotton grows. They also produce in Germany and Austria.

All their natural materials meet the highest ecological standards starting already in the cultivation. This means free of chemicals, neither herbicides nor pesticides during cultivation, nor chrome, nor heavy metals, nor formaldehydes during dyeing of the textiles. The Spirit of Om only uses certified, non-poisonous water-based dyes that are not harmful to the environment.

The Spirit of Om is certified according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)/organic certification. During the whole production, they always focus on harmony and positive energy. Fair working spaces and working processes without pressure are of highest importance for The Spirit of Om.


Long Life Fashion

With the high-quality organic clothes The Spirit of Om represents the “long-life-principle”, in the material as well as in the ideal sense.

They develop their textiles with love and care, so that they accompany customers for many years. The collection is always up to date and new models are constantly being added to our collection. We try to bring our clothes to perfection with a lot of time. They use tried and tested materials and elaborate each size into detail in order to grant you perfect fit.

The “Spirit of OM”-clothes have a positive effect on your aura and highlight your own charisma in a very special way. Many possibilities of combination are typical for our collection.