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5 tips for autumn

18 Nov 2019
by Aimée Kuntz

Autumn is the Ayurvedic Vata season. By taking into account its characteristics, you can move along with nature easier, which prevents energy leaks and helps you stay grounded.


1) Start your day with a yoga session

This stimulates your blood circulation to help you to stay warm. In addition, practicing in the morning helps keeping your calmness and to stay relaxed, which is sometimes more difficult in the Ayurvedic Vata fall season. Because feeling overwhelmed is also fitting within the pattern of Vata reactions.


2) Keep your body warm

Keep your lower back warm. And when you go outside, wearing a scarf helps to keep the element air (wind) in balans in the long area.

Tip: work with layers. Maybe also consider wearing a cozy cover-up over your yoga outfit at the start and end of your yoga class.


3) Go to bed earlier to get the necessary rest

Your body is part of nature. As a result, you also feel better if you follow the rhythm of nature. Also check the blog "Ayurveda and your daily rhythm: create more energy".


4) Drink your favorite herbal tea

In addition to that sitting with your favorite cup of herbal tea provides a calming and relaxing effect, the ingredients can also help your body. Go for herbs with heating properties. In the fall, for example, choose ginger rather than mint, since mint actually has a cooling effect.

Also camomile tea is a good fit for this season. Just like herbal tea with spices like cinnamon, nut meg, black pepper, cumin or fennel.

Actually, warm food is recommended for this season. Like warm oatmeal for breakfast or a fresh vegetable soup for lunch. And does your appetite say pumpkin or sweet potato? Great, because that means that your body is in tune with food that match the fall season.


5) Relax with 'alternate nostril breathing'

Breathing exercises are ideally suited to work on your emotional body, to relax and turn more inside. They also have an effect on the endocrine system in your body.

Has your yoga teacher taught you 'alternate nostril breathing’ (Nadi Shodhana pranayama)? In that case it could be a great exercise that you can also practice at home. It is especially a very nice way to start your day, which will help you all day long.


Enjoy your habits today with love and light!



Aimée Kuntz


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