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Discount code for mindful movie Walk With Me

15 Sep 2020
by Aimée Kuntz

Everything we see is stored in our mind as a memory. And based on our memories, our expectations are formed. So memories have a big effect on how we experience new situations. In other words it affects our future. However, this also means that everything we watch via TV and film also has an effect on how we experience our life. The things we watch are like planted seeds that grow into plants and trees in our future.

Even when you are very aware of this mechanism, this of course does not mean that you will never feel like watching a good movie again. But maybe instead of just a regular one, you would like to opt for a movie  that doesn’t disturb your night's sleep and that will inspire you. In other words, consciously opting for a mindful film.

For this reason, I really like that Cultuurticket has provided a discount code to share with all of you for the mindful movie “Walk With Me”. You can watch this movie from home, so perfect for our current situation.

I myself saw this beautiful film in the cinema a few years ago during the premiere. And I can still remember that this movie calmed me down. Maybe because there is barely spoken in combination with the very beautiful images in this film.

In addition, from an early age I have always been interested in how spirituality plays a role in the lives of others. In how compassion and compassion are integrated in daily life in different ways. The film “Walk With Me” literally shows how kindness and compassion form a foundation in the life of the world famous Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and the other Buddhists with whom he lives in a community.

A mindful film that automatically takes you along in quietness, stillness and contemplation.


About Walk with Me

Walk With Me is a wonderful cinematographic journey into the world of mindfulness, and especially the world-famous Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. He is originally from Vietnam and has brought mindfulness to the West. As a spiritual leader, he now lives in Plum Village, a community in rustic southern France, where he, along with other Zen Buddhist monks and nuns, has made mindfulness a worldwide phenomenon. Walk With Me offers unprecedented access in this community. For three years, the lives of the residents of Plum Village and the existential questions they face in their quest for acceptance have been followed. Enter a world of awareness.



HEREyou could rent Walk With Me. With the discount code below, you receive 33% off: so you could watch this film for only 1,99 euro.

Discount code: Yhxct


More mindful films

Good news is that Cultuurticket has more mindful & spiritual films available in their assortment, recognizable by the label “Innergy”.


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