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Just BE

4 Jun 2020
by Amber Hanning

There is much to find and read about mindfulness. Being in the here and now. It now has a different meaning in my life for me in comparison to when I started with mindfulness a few years ago. A shift from mentally understanding to feeling more.

Living in the here and now is something you can practice. Just like driving a car. You can take courses about mindfulness, you can read about it, you can meditate.. But still true BEING got a completely different meaning for me when I started to experience it in a different way.

Mindfulness is also about perceiving from a broader perspective. Where thoughts arise, but you don't become them. Where emotions arise, but you don’t become these emotions. 

But when your brain is stimulated, it’s easy to start thinking. And it can become almost impossible to see or maintain the broader perspective. Also when I tried to meditate, I could be busy with this and I had the idea that I had to go to another (zen) mode. You may then wonder to what extent you are present in the here and now. Or are you working? Often you then don’t achieve the rest or relaxation you were maybe looking for. Exactly there was a very big difference in my understanding and application.

I had completed several courses, I meditated daily and I taught yoga classes. My mindfulness changed when I participated at a retreat, where I had to sit in the same place for 8 hours. Alone. Without food, drinks, music, telephone or anything else. With the intention: "just be present". But also; what if you completely disconnect from all external matters, then who are you? When I was told this, I thought for a moment that it was a joke. Until it got serious. 

I felt resistance, irritation and agitation. But okay, I was facing it... This experience has showed me a lot. Especially how addicted we are on being busy and thinking. How we project our inner world outwards. And more! Finally after 4 hours things got quieter. I saw a broader perspective. A large space from which things rise and fall. It just wasn't work anymore. What a difference!

The insights of that day have given me a lot. I started to really look for more moments of silence. There was no resistance anymore towards silence; I enjoy it more and more. I became aware of how we are so used to being busy all the time. Also sometimes when we are together with others, in which it seems to be a habit to fill time with talking. Silences can be uncomfortable. While now, I really like it to also share (moments of) silence with those around me. Not having to do anything based on your thoughts, social expectations and so on, but sharing from what there is, in the moment.

And if there is peace as a foundation, you don't have to go to another state of being. You could then also include this in your training, your hobby or whatever else. Then it's not work anymore, but a flow and the right balance between action and relaxation arise. Personally I started to experience my activities in a completely different way. It changed how I see life and what it gives me. And I am happy to pass on all the valuable insights I have received.


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