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Practice yoga from the inside out: 3 yoga book recommendations

19 Feb 2018
by Aimée Kuntz

Would you like to get more out of your favorite yoga classes? Do you also want to learn more about how yoga works off-the-mat? How you can connect your challenges that you face on the mat and that you encounter during the rest of the day? Wouldn’t it be nice to do that while relaxing with an inspiring yoga book? In this yoga blog, I will give you my recommendations for three of my favorite books to practice yoga from the inside out.


Baron Baptiste | Perfectly imperfect: the art and soul of yoga practice

Perfectly imperfectJudgments... a lot of the time they are bothering us. Not only the judgments about others, but also about ourselves. And so also in our yoga practice. Though, by only recognizing that one is a perfectionist, this habit isn’t change yet. Therefore, yoga is a great tool to work on this habit. Especially because yoga never ends whereby the yoga postures work together with an inner process.


In this book, yoga teacher Baron Baptiste gives many tools to get started. Like learning to work from where you are at that moment instead of working towards something. And to say 'YES' to the yoga posture at the same time. He also for example discusses how we can use our focused gaze -drishti- to practice yoga more from the inside out. This book is highly recommended if you want to work on your inner process in your yoga practice. And of course if you want to transform your perfectionism into something that works for you.


Ana T. Forrest | Fierce medicine

Fierce medicineTo be clear, forrest yoga has nothing to do with the forest, but is named after Ana Forrest. Forrest yoga is not so well known in the Netherlands yet. But perhaps that will change as people in other parts of the world love this yoga style to safely work with, among other things, lower and upper back pain, neck and shoulder issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, intestinal disorders. The forrest yoga method is aimed at finding and then cleansing the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit their lives.


If you want more information about Forrest Yoga, you can do so not only through online yoga lessons, but also through the book that Ana Forrest has written: Fierce medicine. Here she talks very openly about the traumas she has experienced herself and how she has healed herself.


Her book is a must if you deal with fear regularly you would like to overcome it. Both with the help of yoga postures and tips that you can immediately apply off-the-mat. This yoga book is also very valuable if you practice a different yoga style than Forrest Yoga. Precisely because it concerns the inner process, and that is always there… in any yoga style.


Geshe Michael Roach & Christie McNally | How yoga works

How yoga worksI wrote about this book before. But even years later, I still think this yoga book is great. Although the title of this book doesn’t shows it, this book comes in the form of a novel and is very easy to read. I am again discussing this yoga book, because it is a very fun and accessible way to learn about the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.


Precisely because it is written in the form of a delightful story, it also becomes very clear how you can apply the discussed Yoga Sutra in your life. Like how you work with planting seeds in your mind and how you can learn to see things from a different perspective. There is also explained in a very accessible way how the nadi energylines work. It’s a fun way to learn about the yama's and niyama's (yoga guidelines) and how to apply them.


Besides that I love this book myself, also lots of other people told me that they love this yoga book. This page-turner is also wonderful to take with you on your holiday.


Bonus book: Aimée Kuntz | Relax Into Action

I have also written a book myself with all kinds of yoga lifestyle tools to practice from the inside out: Relax Into action | Boundless energy with a yoga lifestyle. In this book there is focused on tools that help you to feel completely energized. 


Do you want to read more about Relax Into Action? About how you can feel energized? That is possible since I wrote a book about it! And at this moment you could even get the e-book for free by signing up for the YogaHabits newsletter. You will than receive an e-book with 40 pages of yoga lifestyle tip to be fully energized.



Relax Into Action | Boundless energy with a yoga lifestyle | Yoga book YogaHabits


Enjoy your Habits© today with love and light!


Aimée Kuntz



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